About SkyBar

SkyBar – Above the city! Is the first roof bar in Romania, based on a new concept that will impress you with the unique design and the special atmosphere. Located on the top floor of a building in Dorobanti and having a unique design, we intend to take the first place in customer preferences and become the main attraction of the city.

By day, Skybar is the perfect place for relaxation, a green and light space, ideal for business meetings or just for an escape out of the ordinary crowded city. At night, the place turns to live and become the perfect host for parties and special events. Our structure covering solution is unique and special created for this concept, as it can be completely closed to cover and protect the guests from rain, wind or snow and also can be opened offering a unique view of the clear sky.

About SkyBar

about skybar roof bar

SkyBar concept came from the desire to have a unique place in Bucharest, inspired by the roof bars from the largest cities in the world. So, back home, we start looking for answers to many of our questions: “where could we make a roof bar in Bucharest?” and “how can we make a roof bar in a climate as varied as the one in Bucharest?” The answer to the first question was easy to find, because we were helped by the real estate agency “Remax – Bastion” that introduce us to “Artgroup”. They had the perfect building, suitable for our idea, on Dorobanti Street. We told them about our idea and not only they were thrilled, but they also helped us to carry out the project.

roof bar dorobanti

The answer to the second question came from Mihnea Ghildus. He was the designer that understood exactly what we need. The project was big, but not easy, because everything had be custom made, original and appropriate: the Kartell furniture, the water bed and the bar – created with a revolutionary material – hi-macs, produced by LG and imported by Atvangarde.

For the visual identity, logo and slogan that have been designed and developed, based on the attributes of the bar, we have to give our credit to the graphic designer Raluca Beldiman.

The mobile roof, that opens when sunny and closes when wet and cold, represented our biggest problem. This was solved by Corradi`s engineers, being the first project of its kind in Romania. Together with Construction Manager, Romeo Cozmenciuc, we started a project that seems impossible to be realized. And so, after many headaches and almost impossible tasks to achieve, we managed to create SkyBar – a project that said NO to normality and impossible.