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Organization birthday parties at Skybar – Celebrate the new age on top of Bucharest

Family and friendships are the ones that charge you with energy for the rest of the year. They are the ones who write the story of a new stage of life, so the moment has to be unique and carefully planned.

Feel the transition to the new age, as you have never done before, and call your friends and family at an unforgettable party at a special place – SkyBar Dorobanti. The SkyBar Dorobanti Cafe is a unique concept that bet for the good taste, aesthetics, comfort and the opportunity to be above the city, because the location is located on the fourth floor of a building on Dorobanti Boulevard in Bucharest.

Birthday SkyBar Events
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Discover the beauty of birthdays in a modern and elegant space, perfect for intimate parties, with friends and family. The services offered by the restaurant meet the highest standards, so that the party organized to be perfect and all the guests to be happy.

SkyBar offers you a unique space for organizing unforgettable birthdays

Central location with an impressive views
One of the very important aspects in organizing birthday parties is the location. This must be central, so that all guests can get to it quickly and easily. SkyBar is on Dorobanti Boulevard, one of the oldest streets in Bucharest, remarkable for its impressive architecture, which invites you to travel in time. The neighborhood is an exclusive one, being surrounded by houses built predominantly in the interwar period, which are truly splendid, especially seen from the height. SkyBar gives you the opportunity to have an unforgettable birthday, with special view over the city. It is a contrasting space: the interior of the location is modernly and elegantly designed, and the view invites you to discover the old Bucharest. Impress your guests and organize a party on top.

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Menu for exclusive parties
At any birthday, it is very important to offer guests the best services, starting with location and food. SkyBar offers you a refined menu inspired by international cuisine, made in your own kitchen, by a team of chefs.

Among the dishes you can find in the catering menu are chicken with gorgonzola sauce, one of the most popular dishes, seafood, barbecue and much more. In addition, for more fun, we offer live cooking shows, where guests can see how their meal is prepared.

Delicious cocktails for parties until the morning
Above the city, with a cocktail in hand is the dream of everyone. Totally relaxed and with your loved ones. SkyBar proposes a menu of famous cocktails adapted to season and event. You can choose from a variety of long drinks or soft drinks as well as flavored wines, sparkling champagne or juicy fresh. In addition, for organizing birthday parties, we provide a personalized menu with your drinks chose by you.

Photo services for invaluable memories
We know that for such a special occasion, the memories are very important, so we put you in contact with our partners that offer photo-video services. We assure you of exceptional results so you can enjoy memories over years and years.

Do you want an epic party to impress all the guests? SkyBar offers you services and a special location to organizing birthday party in Bucharest. The location is very impressive, the menu is very refined and have a lot of selected dishes. More than this, we help you with photo-video services in order that your party to be perfect.